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Investing with Cefalia Development


Cashflow Investments (2-10 year maturity)



     At the front end of Cefalia Development, it is luxury developments and high-end single-family spec builds but the backbone of the company is apartments. We manage and maintain over 150 units here in Orange County and are continually expanding. Get in contact or keep up to date with us on social media to invest in our upcoming real estate fund.


Development Opportunities (6-24 month maturity)


         We have been developing residential and commercial property for over 50 years, prior to the companies expansion in 2010 all projects were self-funded. We have decided to expand, allowing us to share our knowledge of the real estate game with others. This is a rare time for Cefalia Development to present investors with a unique opportunity to confidently enter the real estate development market.


As the investor you will have two options:


  • Partnership - Project-specific investment allowing for maximized return with minimal risk.


  • Minimum Guarantee Investment – Zero risk investment with minimal involvement and set returns.




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